Successful calibration results for EK1000 VOC emission test chamber

Olfasense recently had the EK1000 VOC emission test chamber calibrated by an external accredited laboratory, the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH.

We wanted to have our own experience and the positive feedback from our clients confirmed by an independent calibration laboratory.

Our team is happy to report that we turned our intentions into a complete success!


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New drive technology of the fan wheel for the EK1000

Olfasense is pleased about the development of a new fan construction for a magnetically driven fan for the EK1000.

This innovation completely works without plastics and lubricants in both the bearing and the sealing of the construction, which has a positive effect on the background concentration of the test chamber.

In addition, the replacement of the driveshaft and the fan takes less than 2 working hours on site, e.g. in the event of maintenance.


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Join us for our digital EK1000 tour at the virtual OE conference

The 23rd Conference «Odour and Emissions of Plastic Materials» will be organized as a fully virtual event during 23 and 24 March 2021 by the University of Kassel, Institute of Materials Sciencie.

As in previous years, Olfasense is glad to be sponsoring this well-established event, and to contribute different expert lectures.

Together with Andreas Höink, head of the calibration lab at SGS Institut Fresenius, our head of engineering, Dietmar Mannebeck will speak about «Requirements for the Calibration of an Emission Test Chamber using the example of the Olfasense EK1000», to mention just one.

In addition, our team will take you on an online tour of our VOC emission test chamber EK1000.


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